Election 2018: Political Parties positions on key municipal issues

As New Brunswick’s Election 2018 begins, four of New Brunswick’s five political parties shared their positions on key issues for municipalities, including property taxes, regionalization/amalgamation, and new revenue streams.

The August 20 event was held by the City of Saint John to address City-specific concerns. The positions shared have implications for all municipalities.

UMNB has pushed for new revenue streams for municipalities, including a fair share of the excise tax on legalized cannabis and a hotel levy to support local tourism, and to change the provincial-municipal fiscal arrangement. UMNB’s membership includes municipalities of all sizes.

Videos of the party speeches:

Liberals: https://vimeopro.com/user11239455/city-of-saint-john-1/video/285926035

Progressive Conservatives: https://vimeopro.com/user11239455/city-of-saint-john-1/video/285928686

NDP: https://vimeopro.com/user11239455/city-of-saint-john-1/video/285924575

Green: https://vimeopro.com/user11239455/city-of-saint-john-1/video/285927179

Party positions on fair taxation:

Liberals: Willing to review the balance of taxation & powers between provincial/municipal governments, but do not support eliminating the provincial property tax.

PC: Committed to significant municipal tax reform, including removing the double tax on commercial properties.

NDP: Would set up a task force and hold public hearings to discuss reforms of the property tax system. Supports “fair and reasonable” reforms and new revenue streams.

Green: Supports property tax reform and new revenue sources. Advocating a public inquiry into public finances, including the fairness of the tax system.

Party positions on regionalization/amalgamation:

Liberals: Will explore best practices and promote better regional cooperation, but will not impose amalgamation.

PC: Will support and facilitate regionalization of any services with willing partners.

NDP: Willing to investigate the need for amalgamation.

Green: Supports a Metropolitan Service Commission.

Read the Telegraph Journal article: https://www.telegraphjournal.com/telegraph-journal/story/100691117/saint-john-saint-john-common-council-provincial-election-new-brunswick