Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick

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  • New resource: Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization
    With cannabis legalization fast approaching, municipalities have their work cut out for them. To help municipalities do what they do best—protect and strengthen communities—the Federation of Canadian Municipalities has launched the Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization, created in partnership with UMNB, other provincial-territorial associations and an advisory […]...
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  • UMNB in the news
    Continuing media coverage of UMNB’s call for fair street light rates. English: Telegraph Journal Editorial: Stop overcharging for an essential service: https://www.telegraphjournal.com/telegraph-journal/story/100555420/street-lighting?source=story-popular Quote: “The Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick has a valid complaint – NB Power shouldn’t be overcharging communities for the cost of street […]...
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  • UMNB speaks up for fair streetlight rates
    The Union of the Municipalities of New Brunswick (UMNB) has asked the Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) to direct NB Power to set a fair rate for streetlights for all municipalities. Read the CBC story: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/union-eub-nb-power-street-light-rate-increase-1.4588727 UMNB made a presentation at the NB Power 2018/2019 General Rate […]...
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